Dr. Dick Bridy works closely with counsel to understand the specific needs of the case. Secondly, he evaluates his role as the ideal testifier on a team of experts that will complement each other to deliver a convincing message. Finally, the expert must connect with the judge or jury, pure and simple. Dick has an innate ability to bond with other human beings and shows compassion for the people involved, including the litigant, judge, jury, or subjects of the claim. Dick believes that compassion is infectious and extremely persuasive.

Dr. Dick Bridy

Dr. Dick has a charismatic personality, he strongly and passionately believes in the opinion he is delivering. He can draw from over forty years of experience as a commercial real estate CEO, investor, developer, asset manager, broker, and syndicator. Dick has the academic and experience credentials and is an excellent communicator honed by many years in leadership and advisory positions in the commercial real estate industry and as a Marine Corps officer. While conviction is crucial, Dick views critical thinking as essential. An expert must have a balanced approach with a willingness to consider alternative opinions, methods, and data. Inevitably, an expert will be confronted with opposing views in a deposition under vigorous cross-examination and must meet that challenge.


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